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Muizenberg Property - Cape Town, Western Cape

Muizenberg Area Overview

This eclectic beach-side suburb is a colourful mix of history, architecture, fantastic beaches and culture. Set in the heart of the southern suburbs of Cape Town, Muizenberg lies up against the mountain of the same name, en route from Lakeside to Kalk Bay.

False Bay's beaches are synonymous with surfing and many of the fraternity would have cut their fins at this birthplace of surfing, so to speak. The colourful changing rooms grace many a postcard and the beaches stretch for miles - popular with families and one of the few beaches that demonstrates a noticeable integration of the different people of South Africa. Above Muizenberg there is a line of rugged, steep cliffs offering some superb rock climbing opportunities, although at certain times these cliffs are off-limits to protect birds’ nests.

There is a coastal walk from Muizenberg to Kalk Bay that includes the historical mile. This part of the walk features some wonderful historical buildings including the SA Police Museum, Natale Labia, Het Posthuys, which dates back to 1742 and is one of the oldest buildings in South Africa built by the Dutch East India Company as a toll house, and Rhodes Cottage. This is where Cecil John Rhodes spent his last days.

Muizenberg has her own theatre, in a similar fashion to Kalk Bay, and the Masque Theatre puts on a range of shows from ballet, through comedy, to jazz. Muizenberg’s Palmer Street is the heart of the old village, with small colourful homes, organic shops and restaurants and is an ideal spot to while away a Saturday morning.

Cape Coastal Property Group Muizenberg specialises in the sale of residential real estate and the handling of long term and holiday rental accommodation.

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